Truth About Abs – How To Lose Weight And Get Six Pack Abs Fast

What is the Truth About Abs program anyway? Well, it’s a comprehensive nutrition, exercise, and step-by-step guide to help you get six pack abs with ease… but don’t rush to buy it just yet until you’ve read my Truth About Abs review and understand exactly what’s inside. Once you know the facts you’ll know if the Truth About Abs program is right for you.

So let’s get started!

A Little Overview

The Truth About Abs system comes as a downloadable e-book, which is great because you can instantly download it to your computer and get started right away. That means you don’t need to wait weeks for some package before you can get started! If you’re like me and enjoy a physical copy to take notes in, you can also print it out anytime.

So Here’s What You Get With The Truth About Abs:

  • The 149-page Truth About Six Pack Abs e-book (Printable PDF)
  • Fast Track Meal Planner guide
  • Your personal metabolic calculator guide
  • M-Power Fast Fitness Audio Series – 4 audio lectures with tips to help you stay motivated and keep you on track
  • Free subscription to Mike Geary’s newsletter, Lean Body Fitness Secrets
  • Free DVD “The 5 Simple Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” from Kim Lyons, trainer from The Biggest Loser
  • 8-Week Dumbbell-Bodyweight Fusion Workout program, a home workout program that combines bodyweight and dumbbell exercises

Right away you can see there are a lot of bonuses that come with the Truth About Abs e-book, so you’re getting a lot of value with the package. However, because there are so many resources you might feel a little overwhelmed, that’s ok, just focus on the main e-book, and you will be fine. Take it one step at a time and you’ll start seeing results in no time.

A Look Inside The Truth About Abs (Sneak peek below)

Truth About Abs - How To Lose Weight And Get Six Pack Abs With Ease

If you haven’t already guessed, the Truth About Abs system isn’t just about abs, it’s more about overall fat loss through full body workouts and a healthy diet. Mike Geary explains that burning fat from your entire body is the key to revealing your abs, not doing countless crunches or sit-ups (I hate those anyway.) Mike Geary emphasizes the fact that abs are really made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Of course, he gives you a wide variety of ab exercises you can do, but keep in mind it all starts with diet!

Your Diet

In the Truth About Abs system you get access to a comprehensive diet plan with boatloads of valuable information, such as detailed meal plans and essential fat-burning foods. The thing I love about this “diet” is it’s not one of those awful low calorie diets! He provides an awesome list of healthy, whole foods that will help you stay full and curb your appetite… and taste good in the process.

In fact, you won’t even have to count your calories as long as you eat what he recommends on the list, which is refreshing and makes things easy. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried counting calories and just gave up in agonizing frustration. To make it even easier, you get an outline of 6 simple steps for selecting the right foods and 84 sample meals for your convenience.

The program even goes into more advanced diet techniques, such as how often you should eat, maintaining stable insulin levels, and even enjoying cheat meals without going overboard. I found that his nutrition secrets combined with his unusual workout techniques gave me an extremely solid approach to melting off flab and getting the abs I want.

Taking The “Work” Out Of Workouts

The workouts in this program are very unique, which is why they are so darn effective. Instead of doing time-consuming exercises like those thousand of situps we normally do, Mike Geary’s approach is to do shorter, more intense exercises that give you the best “bang for your buck.” These exercises are more effective and efficient, allowing you to get better results in a shorter period of time.

The Truth About Abs workouts shock your body and boost your metabolism, which helps you build muscle and burn off more fat, even after you’re done working out. The program focuses on total body exercises, such as lunges, which burn more calories than working your abs directly, and will help you achieve that “after-burn effect.”

The workout program does, however, include various ab exercises, as well as certain ones to avoid (this could be why you don’t have six pack abs yet), so there are plenty of options if you want to specifically target the midsection. While most of the workouts are concentrated on working your entire body, he does recommends 5 minutes of actual direct abdominal work 2-3 times a week.

What’s great is the convenience of the shorter workouts, especially if you have a busy schedule like me and don’t have time to spend at the gym. Since the workouts are high intensity, they’re more efficient and you only need 3 45-minute sessions a week to notice incredible results.

Also, you’re given several exercise plans so you have the abilityto customize your workouts based on your needs, or you can just use some of the exercises Mike gives you. For example, there are exercises you can do in the gym as well as at home, with or without equipment. This is one highlight of the Truth About Abs program because everyone is different, and Mike Geary designed his workouts to be effective no matter who you are or what your lifestyle is.

Get access to the Full Book on the Truth About Abs Website


  • 45-Minutes, 3 Days A Week = Amazing Results.
  • Greatfor both men and women of all ages and body types.
  • Workout plans are flexible, allowing you to workout around your busy schedule.
  • No long, repetitive cardio sessions (No need to bore yourself to death.)
  • Exercises are fun and can be done either in the gym or at home, even if you don’t equipment.
  • No ridiculous diets that require you to starve yourself.
  • Step-by-step meal plans are included and focus on eating delicious, natural whole foods.
  • Helpful customer service with email support if you have questions.
  • 100%, 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Proven to work. The program has successfully worked for over 270,000 people and there are several testimonials.


  • He does mention supplements and equipment you can buy, but it’s not required to get fantastic results.
  • There are no video demonstrations of the workouts, but you do get pictures that show you step-by-step each exercise.
  • Eating healthier, more natural foods can be costly.
  • No community forum for users to interact and discuss, but if you have questions you can contact their support any time.

Is The Truth About Abs Right For You?

Ask yourself this, do you want to lose weight? Do you want a flat stomach? Or, do you want to feel healthier and younger? Than The Truth About Abs program is for you. And, if you’re like me and hate calorie counting and boring running routines, then you will love this program because there’s none of that. But, like all things you will need to discipline yourself and commit to following the step-by-step plan. If you do you’re going to love the results.

It’s also great for people with busy schedules (isn’t that most of us) because all you really need is 2-3 workouts a week, and each session is only 30-45 minutes, not hours. To get the full benefit of each workout, you will want to go all out during these sessions to make them count. The exercises were created to work you hard but as efficiently as possible.

Lastly, the Truth About Abs program is for both men AND women. It’s not just for guys who want a sculpted six pack abs. It’s just as effective for women who also want a firmer, slimmer stomach.  

Men Click Here for tips and unique workouts to incinerate your stubborn belly flab and get chiseled abs

Women Click Here for fat-burning foods and effective exercises proven to help you get that flat sexy tummy

So Who is Mike Geary Anyway?

I’ve been talking about Mike Geary like you know him, so let me back up and tell you a little bit about him. Mike’s a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer who graduated from Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. In addition to “The Truth About Six Pack Abs,” he also helped write the nutritional e-book “The Fat Burning Kitchen: Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine.”

He is an accomplished fitness writer and you can find his stuff on over 1300 websites. He is also a contributor to several magazines, such as Muscle & Fitness and Oxygen For Women. He also find time to run one of the largest online fitness newsletters, “Lean Body Fitness Secrets,” with over 700,000 subscribers. Basically, he knows what he’s talking about. :)

What Others Say…

If you can’t tell by now, I really do think that the Truth About Abs program works, and if you want a better body I highly recommend it. But don’t listen to me! Let the other 276,000+ people across 163 countries tell you the amazing results THEY had. You can check out all the before and after success stories on their testimonials page.

Bottom Line

Obviously the Truth About Abs program is not a quick fix or fad diet that will magically transform your body overnight. It’s a great tool to guide you to the body you want. It covers everything you need to get those rock hard abs in a straightforward, no-nonsense approach.

He utilizes unique, unconventional techniques to create an effective formula for achieving low levels of body fat quickly.  And it’s all laid out in a step-by-step plan that’s easy to follow. But of course… it’s all up to you! Mike gives you all the tools to help you create that lean, toned body, but you DO have to do some work!

So is it worth it? As you can tell from my Truth About Abs review, I can honestly say without a doubt that it’s more than worth it. With everything you get (including some extra bonuses) the $39.95 price is a steal. Take a look at all the testimonials from people just like you who have had amazing results.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is currently the highest selling e-book on the internet, with one of the lowest refund rates (2-3%). So it must be living up to the hype! And to make things even better, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your results after 60 days you can get ALL of your money back, so you can pretty much try it out risk-free. Another way to try it out, which is even better, is through their 21 day trial program for $4.95. So you can try it first and decide to buy later, instead of paying in full up front.

I hope this Truth About Abs review has helped you decide whether or not to try out the Truth About Abs program for yourself. If you do, just remember that you’ll need the discipline and commitment for it to be effective. It took me a couple weeks to drop 10 pounds, and I saw changes in the mirror after the first week. But you should start feeling healthier right away, and if you just stay consistent, you’ll start SEEING results within a few weeks.

All you need to do is get started now and once you notice your slimmer figure, the sense of satisfaction will be amazing! You’ll be motivated to continue and it’ll become much easier to keep going. If I can do it, you can too. I’ve tried all kinds of different diets, “magic” weight-loss pills, and even a few silly gadgets promising rock hard abs, and this is the ONLY thing that’s worked for me. Just combine Mike’s diet and meal suggestions and there’s NO REASON why it won’t work for you as well.


To your success,

Mark Fuller

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